About Art Illuminate

Hello, welcome to the new world of fibre-optic illumination

pushing the boundaries of what you though was possible

innovative decorative light effects and captivating new visual concepts

We are..
An interior and exterior fibre-optic lighting system specialist manufacturer.

We have offices
in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan.

Our key concerns are the quality of the product – and of our support, both personalised and detailed.

With over 4 years experience in this industry, we have gathered the
knowledge, skills and experience to enhance many different types of environments – architectural through
artistic. Art Illuminate’s talented designers and engineers work together to realise creative custom
projects complete with elegant technical solutions. We treat all jobs, large and small with the same respect
irrespective of the budget. The focus is on bringing your concept to life. We are you partner all the way
through to the end of installation and beyond.



Please email us by filling in the forms blow for more information about our products and projects – find out how we can help bring your ideas from concept to reality.