Hanging Dynamic Effects


Dynamic hanging effect for fibres is very flamboyant and flexible, you can do many lighting creations by using this effect, such as shimmering curtains, avatar trees, chandeliers light sculptures etc., used for home, office or club etc.. very easy to assemble and maintain.

Multi-core side-sparkle fibre cable shielded with clear PVC

Fibre we use for side-sparkle finish is Mitsubishi, made in Japan. Side-sparkle finish is damaging the coating layer of end emitting fibre, so it will reduce the length of fibre glow and the durability, so we choose to use Mitsubishi to make sure the quality.

This type of fibre cables are normally used for fibre curtains, avatar trees and field of lights, the brightness is determined to the fibre core quantity and fibre diameter.

As it’s been shielded, it can be used for ourdoors, the PVC we use is high quality, won’t yellow with time.


Single-core side-sparkle fibre

Like multi-core side-sparkle fibre, we also choose Mitsubishi fibres.

Single-core side-sparkle fibre is used for short-term use touchable fibre curtains or chandeliers or untouchable fibre curtain.

Illuminators, Dynamic-CR4001WDMX

The illuminators we use for hanging effect are dynamic illuminators, it can be waterfall effect and twinkle shimmering effect.

High efficacy CREE LED illuminators is perfect for use in outdoor dynamic hanging effect, CREE LED make sure the quality, big power and very low noise.

DMX control and audio control.

AI Crystal pendants

Our crystal pendants are made from K9 crystal, precision cutting, grinding and polishing, smooth sharp edges and corners, embellishment of light & shadow, refracting pure light, help chandeliers be infused with graceful colors.


We can customize the light effect to suit you projects. From home to commercial installations, we can achieve a range of different moods. It could be a simple twinkling star ceiling through to more advanced additions like shooting stars and dynamic galaxies. Control can be via switch, remote or integrate into an existing system. Our extensive experience means that we can guide you to achieve the effect you are after.


We have our own team with a wide range of experience installing fibre-optic projects. If you will have your own team or will manage it yourself, we can support you. Installation guides, phone and online support are procided at no cost. If you need us there on site, we can arrange to provide this service.

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crystals end fittings

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