Castela Boutique Hotel Bespoke Fibre Chandelier

Castela Boutique Hotel is a 420-room boutique hotel with modern decoration. It is a good choice whether you are traveling or traveling. Those bespoke fibre chandeliers are bedrooms for superior business suites. The entire project contains a total of 25 fiber chandeliers in this shape. Chandelier ’s pattern is completed by the hotel designer. Since the main color of the room light is warmer tones, we choose to use colorful illuminators. You can use the remote control to choose the color that customers like, or you can set it to change color automatically. In this way, the chandelier with light effects is matched with other warm-tone lighting arrangements to give customers a romantic and mysterious experience, making people feel comfortable and beautiful while living.

As for the optical fiber part, we made fibres side sparkling finish, which can increase the brightness and create a romantic atmosphere. We also use K9 crystal end fittings at the end of the fiber. After precision cutting, grinding and polishing, the edges and corners are clear and transparent, dotted with light and shadow, and refracting colorful light.

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