Friday Bar

At first, the decoration of Friday bar was slightly simple, and it was not so eye-catching compared to other bars. The owner of the bar found us, hoping to make certain special lighting effects within their own budget. After communicating with him, our designers decided to make netting divide side-sparkle fibres.

We used Japan Mitsubishi CK series fibre, because making side-sparkle finish needs to do abrasion on the fibre coating layer, which requires fibres more durable and better light transmission efficiency, also the fibres won’t go yellow with the time. Dynamic-CR2002WDMX illuminator has two ports, it can feed more fibres, 4 DMX channels, 15 preset programs, speed and brightness are adjustable. Meanwhile, we can also customize illuminators for customers, and even customize audio-activated illuminators. The colors change with the music rhythm of the bar.

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