Kaleidoscope Festival

Kaleidoscope Festival is a West Australian world-class, award-winning light and illumination festival. It combines creative illumination with art installations, music and food.

We supplied custom fibre and linear lighting products. The “Fibre jungle” was a very popular feature at the festival. Many visitors took photos post on social media. The local news station broadcasted the weather segment from the jungle. Being a temporary installation, we optimised for it for maximum impact. We provided high-emission unshielded fibre strands side-sparkle CK40-1 PVC . The transparent fibres were divided by string netting spacing them apart. The illuminators were located above the netting. The (typically hidden!) bundles of fibre distributing the light from the light sources formed a visible floating ceiling. A DMX controlled waterfall effect was programmed so that waves of colors progressed down the fibre tunnel.

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2017 and 2018
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