Underground and Wet Area


Fibre optics are widely used in underwater lighting, such as used in swimming pools, fountains and floor etc., since fibre optics are nonconductive and illuminators are placed in a safe location. Fibres have much longer life-span than conventional lighting methods, and illuminators are easy to maintain and replace.

Fibre optics make it easy to implement stunning star effect in almost any location, especially in underwater. The transformation of your swimming pool into a mirror image of the night sky adds amazing curb appeal to your landscaping plan.

Fibre cable shielded with black PVC; Brand: Mitsubishi, made in Japan

Different cores and different size single fibres make different size stars. Black jacket outer is made of high quality PVC, protecting fibres from scratching and aging.

This model is for outdoor use in underground and wet areas. Projects such as starlight floor effects & starlight pools.  Also for us in indoor wet area projects such as spas.

This type of fibre cable can be single or multi-core and utilise different sizes of end-emitting fibres. This makes it possible to have different size stars.

Very thin cables can be customised (up to 42 cores with diameter 1mm) for special project in museums and libraries. As the fibres won’t transmit heat thin fibre cable can be used for a spot light effect, protecting the books or paintings for harmful heat.


17.3mm dia. side-emitting fibre

Side-emitting fibre is different from end emitting fibre, instead of trapping all the light in the core, the boundary of edge emitting fibre is rough and some light is scattered into the cladding where it becomes visible. Since much of the light is lost by the edge-emission along the fibre, edge-emitting fibre has high attenuation, for increasing the lengths of it that can be used, we can illuminate the fibre from both ends or loop the fibre back around the same illumator, or use reflective end caps to send excess light back up the fibre from the far end. Edge-emitting fibre can have a smooth glow that looks much like a neon light tube.

Edge emitting fibre thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 17.3mm for different application, the 17.3mm fibre in the right image is normally used for large object outlining, such as pools and buildings.



Illuminators, model: Dynamic-CR8001WDMXC

Illuminators for outdoors must have rainproof case, the IP rate must be up to IP44. This model illuminator have stainless steel shell as rainproof case.

Also DMX function is very important for big projects, all the light effect of the illuminators need to be synchronized, DMX signal is the most stable signal.

It provides colored light and dynamic effect by using moveable filters, usually in a wheel powered by a small electrical motor, allows the color of the light to be changed in a chosen sequence.

We offer various models optimized for various fibre types and applications.

Embeded Ground End fittings

Flooring end fittings with lenses are available that can focus the light as needed, but need to be chosen for compatibility with the fiber being used. Flooring end fittings are normally used for fibre cable shielded with black PVC, protect fibres from dust, water and make bigger light spots.

AI flooring end fittings are made from stainless steel, the lense is made from glass.

Its diameter range is from 12mm to 38mm for different model fibre cables.



We can customise the light effect to suit you projects. From home to commercial installations, we can achieve a range of different moods. It could be a simple twinkling star pool through to more advanced dynamic additions. Control can be via switch, remote or integrate into an existing system. Our extensive experience means that we can guide you to achieve the effect you are after.


We have our own team with a wide range of experience installing fibre-optic projects. If you will have your own team or will manage it yourself, we can support you. Installation guides, phone and online support are procided at no cost. If you need us there on site, we can arrange to provide this service.

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