Villa Pool Outlining

The use of lights to outline the edges of pool and yard floors is becoming increasingly popular, not only to improve the atmosphere and ambience of your outdoor entertainment area, but it also provides a level of security. Side emitting fibre cable also has a variety of colors. It has a longer life than traditional bulbs and LED strip light. There is no need to replace the bulb regularly, or the entire light bar is removed because the LED beads are broken. You only need to maintain illuminators without replacing the entire fiber cable. The side-emitting cable is safe for underwater use. The PVC jacket wrapped on the cable makes it extremely durable.

More than just swimming pools and yards, side emitting fibre cables can help you outline trees, waterfalls, gazebos, decks, paths, and more. Please click on the products we used column on the right for more side emitting fibre systems.

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Product used

Fibre: ai.fse17.3
Illuminator: Dynamic-CR8001WDMXC