Residential Lighting


Fiber-optic decorative lighting has become the choice of many residential designers. Because fiber-optic lights are non-conductive and creative and flexible, they can be decorated as starfield lights for home ceilings, walls, floors and even pools. fibre sparkling strings, used to decorate your windows and garden. Especially during the festival, the effect of fibre sparkling strings field light is absolutely unique.

Short fibre jungle

Short fibre jungle is similar to random starlight effect, the only difference is that shorter fibre jungle is not trimmed with ceiling, normally we’ll leave about 20cm – 50cm extra tails.

If you want to make even fibre jungle, we recommend using the same size fibres, shown as the left image. If you want to make a little bit random effect, using different size fibres can achieve the effect.


Curved side-sparkle fibre jungle

This type of fibre has side-sparkle finish and curved finish, which makes fibres fluffier and more shemmering than short fibre jungle.

It perfectly suits wedding decoration and bar decoration. Like other fibre jungle, you can mix different size fibres to make more messy and random effect.


Illuminators, Dynamic -CR2402RGBWDMX

This model is a very good option for residential fibre lighting, because it has two ports, can feed more fibres, low voltage DC12V. The LED is from CREE, better quality and brighter. RGBW LED mixing seven colors. Twinkle wheel / waterfall wheel is inbuilt. dimmable and speed are adjustable. RF control & DMX control.

Starlight fibre bundle

Starlight fibre bundles are regularly used for starlight ceiling and starlight wall. It’s usually composed of different size fibres to make different size stars.

0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm and 1.5mm fibres are the best choice for residential starlight effect. We make fibre bundles as customer’s project size, not like regular fibre kits which may not suit customer’s projects. Also we’ll make drawings for customer’s project to point out where the best place for illuminators, as you know, the illuminators place is very important, it affects the fibre length and illuminator maintenance, the regular fibre kits always are designed for regular starlight, which limit the fibre length and illuminator maintenance.



We can customise the light effect to suit you projects. From home to commercial installations, we can achieve a range of different moods. It could be a simple twinkling star pool through to more advanced dynamic additions. Control can be via switch, remote or integrate into an existing system. Our extensive experience means that we can guide you to achieve the effect you are after.


We have our own team with a wide range of experience installing fibre-optic projects. If you will have your own team or will manage it yourself, we can support you. Installation guides, phone and online support are provided at no cost. If you need us there on site, we can arrange to provide this service.

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