Commercial Indoor Effects


Starlight effect can be applied to both the ceiling and walls. A popular indoor decoration for kids bedrooms, home theaters, spas and public spaces. The star field effect helps you relax and open your mind, bringing a special atmosphere to a range of environments.

End emitting fibre bundle

End emitting fibre bundle is normally used for starlight project, such as starlight ceilings, starlight walls.

Different size fibres are bundled to make different size stars, at least three different size stars make the starfield effect more realistic. The distance between stars to our sight determines the fibre size we need to choose. We make customized bundles for you, cut the fibres according to your ceiling or wall dimension.

End emitting fibre thickness ranges from 0.25mm dia to 3.0mm dia., for starlight effect, we normally choose 0.5mm to 2.0mm fibres.

Illuminator, Dynamic-CR1001WDMX.

This model is suitable for starlight effect. Cool white CREE LED is connected with a twinkle wheel and a color wheel, those two wheels are powered by two separated small motors, which means we can control them separately, fixed color + twinkle effect, 6-color changing + twinkle effect. The twinkle speed is adjustable, the LED is dimmable.

The port diameter is 17.3mm or 14mm, we have two ports for your option.

We provide different illuminators for different applications, for example, we have two model illuminators for galaxy starlight effect, the dynamic effect of galaxy are different by using different illuminators.

AI crystal pendants, made from K9 crystal.

Crystal pendents are normally used for fibre chandeliers, they are desirable for focus the light on a smaller spot, create a shaped illuminated spot or diffuse the light to resemble a bigger spot light.

AI crystal end fittings, made from K9 crystal.

Like crystal pendants, crystal end fittings are desirable for focus the light on a smaller spot, create a shaped illuminated spot or diffuse the light to resemble a bigger star.



We can customise the light effect to suit you projects. From home to commercial installations, we can achieve a range of different moods. It could be a simple twinkling star ceiling through to more advanced additions like shooting stars and dynamic galaxies. Control can be via switch, remote or integrate into an existing system. Our extensive experience means that we can guide you to achieve the effect you are after.


We have our own team with a wide range of experience installing fibre-optic projects. If you will have your own team or will manage it yourself, we can support you. Installation guides, phone and online support are procided at no cost. If you need us there on site, we can arrange to provide this service.

Exhibition Hall

The ceiling of this exhibition hall uses two patterns, one is classic white sparkling random stars, and the other is colorful sparkling galaxy.

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