Bespoke Fibre Living Room Chandelier

This chandelier is used for the decoration of the living room. The customer requires a simple shape and soft and natural lines. Our designer decided to use two chandeliers to make a wave shape, in harmony with the architectural structure and interior layout of the owner ’s living room. Not only can it create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, but it is also artistic, reflecting a beautiful lighting environment, which can be enjoyable to family and guests.


We use Japan Mitsubishi CK-40 fibre, side sparkling finish, creating shimmering, relaxing and a little dreamy effect. At the same time, Japan Mitsubishi fibre has no dust absorption characteristics, which is not available in other brands of fiber. It is fiber chandeliers. The best choice. We have selected RGBW illuminator, you can use the remote control to switch your favorite colors at will, you can also choose to change colors automatically, the time of changing colors can be adjusted, and the brightness can be adjusted. K9 crystal is connected to the end of the optical fiber. After precise cutting, grinding and polishing, the edges and corners are clear and transparent, and it reflects colorful rays.

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Product used

Fibres: Mitsubishi CK-40, side sparkling finish fibre cable

Illuminators: AI4501RGB

Canopy: Plywood wrapped with Stainless Steel sheet

Crystal End Fittings: AI crystal pendants