Villa home theater

This villa ceiling project is located in Melbourne, the starlight area is about 15 sqm in total, there are two area for starlight, one is about 9 sqm, the other one is about 16 sqm.

Our client wanted it to be easy to install, so we used starlight panels to instead of the traditional starlight ceiling, fibres have be installed on the polyester fire retardant panels, the client’s installers didn’t need to install the fibre, also didn’t need to organise fibres and illuminators, each panel has a independent mini illuminator, which is fixed on the panel, so fibres don’t have to be very long to connect with the illuminators. The installers just only needed to attach the panels with the ceiling and plug in the wires between each panel.

Our client didn’t want the ceiling to look too cheesy, but his kids still could be entertained, so we used random stars panels and two shooting star strings for the 9 sqm ceiling, for the 16 sqm ceiling we use galaxy, random stars and one shooting star string.

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