Villa Starry Pool

This aerial swimming pool on the top of the building is 35 meters long and 1.6 meters deep. Our client asked to design a quiet and romantic pool lighting effect. In order to facilitate later maintenance, our engineers recommended that the customer use side emitting fibre to outline the surrounding lines, which also has the effect of lighting, without worrying about underwater maintenance. And there are different sizes of fiber cables with end fittings at the bottom of the swimming pool. After linking with illuminators, these big and small fibres become big and small stars.

In terms of lighting effects, we are using colorful illuminators. These illuminators are equipped with DMX512, which can be unified with other lamps in the villa with DMX512. This way you won’t be upset if you can’t find the remote control for the pool lights.

This Haitian front-line balcony infinity pool has a close view of the sea and a long view of the city. The sky swimming pool can swim with the beautiful scenery of Yunshan Mountain, overlooking the bustling central axis of the city, bathing in star ocean.

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