Commercial Outdoor Decoration


As plastic fibre optics are insulative and waterproof, it can be used for many kinds of outdoor decorative lighting, such as fibre optic field of lights, fibre optic avatar trees, fibre optic starry swimming pool, fibre optic curtain light commercial signs etc.

LED golden wheat field

10pcs wheat share one solar panel, 1200mAh AA NiMH battery,

Recharging current is 330-350, it takes 6-10 hours to charge the battery, it can keep working 8-14 hours after the battery is fully charged.

The LED color is warm white.

Waterproof rate is IP66.

Field of lights

We provide two types of field of lights, one is powered by LED beads, Each piece is lit up by a separated LED bead, the pole can be white and any other colors except transparent, because the wires need to be hidden in the poles; The other type is powered by fibre illuminators, which is also one of the most classic fibre lighting application.

Options for accessories:

Illuminated ball: PC balls (white and other colors), glass balls (transparent)

Pole: stainless steel (can be painted in different colors), PC (white and transparent)

Ground spike: PC, black.

Illuminators, Dynamic-CR8001WDMXC/Dynamic CR4001WDMXC

This model is perfect for outdoor fibre lighting, especially for field of lights, because it has rainproof case on itself, waterproof rate is IP44. the shell / rainproof case is made from 304 stainless steel, it has DMX control and audio control, all the light devices with DMX control can be synchronized by one DMX console, not just only fibre illuminators.

The LED inbuilt is from CREE, color is cool white, 40w / 80w. 6-color wheel and twinkle / waterfall (alternative) inbuilt are powered by two individual motors, which means twinkle wheel / waterfall wheel and 6-color wheel can be controlled separately.


Dandelion light

Dandelion light is made from end emitting fibres, we make special finish on the end of each fibre to make it brighter than regular end emitting fibres. It can be used by standing or hanging, if for hanging, the pole will be replaced with wire.

Dandelion diameter can be 50cm / 60cm / 80cm, composed of many small fibre dandelion flowers.

Pole is made from stainless steel

LED bead is from Epicstar, made in Taiwan.

Total length is 100cm,  it can be customized.

Color options: warm white, cool white, golden yellow, blue, green, read and pink.

Application area: outdoor landscape, park, garden, square, yard, street, lighting festival.


We can customise the light effect to suit you projects. From home to commercial installations, we can achieve a range of different moods. It could be a simple twinkling star ceiling through to more advanced additions like shooting stars and dynamic galaxies. Control can be via switch, remote or integrate into an existing system. Our extensive experience means that we can guide you to achieve the effect you are after.


We have our own team with a wide range of experience installing fibre-optic projects. If you will have your own team or will manage it yourself, we can support you. Installation guides, phone and online support are procided at no cost. If you need us there on site, we can arrange to provide this service.

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