Wongtee Plaza

Wongtee Plaza is a high-end shopping center integrating catering, shopping, entertainment, leisure, and tourism. It gathers international first-line luxury brands, international popular brand flagship stores, sub-dominant stores, high-end catering, fashion trend brands, boutique bookstores, etc.

This golden wheat field is in the outdoor recreation area of Wongtee plaza, next to bars, cafes and dessert houses. Golden wheat field makes this blank area more romantic. The golden wheat is connected into one piece, like a golden ocean.

The height of each ear of wheat is 55cm. Powered by solar panels for every ten ears of wheat, it can keep the light on for 8-12 hours when fully charged. Used in the villa’s garden, parks, courtyards, and squares, etc. all have great effects. The waterproof rating is IP66, and it can keep shiny outdoors even in windy rain.

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Product used

Decorative Parts: LED golden wheat

Power: Solar panel