key features

  • 3 different sizes PMMA end emitting fibres to make 3 different sizes of stars, more realistic effect.
  • Fire retardant acoustic board in 1220 * 600mm, 600mm * 600mm, customized corner edges are available, make sure that the startiles can fit your ceiling / wall perfectly.
  • 46 acoustic board color options, customized colors are available.
  • no visible gap between each startile.
  • DMX control, 4 channels. Dimmable, more than ten different star effect.
  • Regular panels are random stars, galaxy, shooting stars, constellations. Customized patterns are available.

Starry ceiling is getting more and more popular those years, many people like it but considering its installation, they give up buying it.

Art Illuminate star tiles solved this problem, all the fibres have been fixed on our fire retardant acoustic boards, and each panel has independent illuminator, you don’t need to drill holes on your ceiling, no need to fix fibres on the ceiling, the most hardest part, no need to bundle those messy fibres anymore.

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